Christine Knoblauch first picked up a welder in 1998. As an artist, she had worked in a variety of mediums, but Christine quickly found herself at home working with metal, "It is an amazing material that allows you to bend, twist, and create something fluid and beautiful out of what others might perceive as unusable."

Utilizing steel, stainless steel, and other metals, Christine creates functional artwork and sculpture of a raw organic nature. Built to withstand the elements, her beautiful pieces enhance private residences and public settings both inside and outside.

She draws inspiration from nature and her childhood on Lake Ontario in upstate New York. The movement of water, the sunrise and sunsets, and the colors of the seasons are represented in her work.

Christine's sculptures and functional artwork can be found in collections around the world and her work has been exhibited in Miami, New York City, Santa Fe, and Washington D.C.

She and her husband, Paul Knoblauch , have owned and operated Knoblauch Studios in Rochester, NY since 1996. The facility provides space for other artists as well as a gallery to display finished work.

In 2009, Christine founded Bottega Ventura , a collection of fine artists of multiple disciplines.